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Messages from Current Employees


Labor Relations Department, General Affairs Division

Megumi Ayaka    Joined the company in April 2021

• Motivation to Join
I wanted to work in Sasebo, where I was born and raised, and contribute to the region’s revitalization. I wanted to find a job in a local company where I could use the knowledge of bookkeeping and computers I had gained in commercial high school, so I focused my search on companies that offered clerical positions. In the process, I came across our company. It is based in Sasebo and deals with port cargo handling. I was allowed to visit the company, and at that time, the staff told us that they felt satisfied with their job of communicating with people. I was attracted to the company’s corporate culture that values human connections, which was a factor in my decision to apply to the company.

• Current Job Details
I am currently assigned to the Labor Relations Department, where I support on-site technical workers and do payroll-related work. When I first joined the company, there were many things I did not understand, and I was anxious. However, the friendly senior staff members taught me gently, and I can now work confidently, and I feel it is a comfortable place to work. During the first three months of employment, I learned about the flow of the company’s operations and its connections with other companies through mail correspondence and phone calls. Because I perform a wide range of work, there is a lot to learn, but I find it all worthwhile.

• Message to Job Seekers
Like me, many of you are thinking about finding a job after high school. I think you will have a hard time knowing what to base your decision on at first. However, I believe that by clarifying what you want to do and your goals, you will be able to find the most suitable workplace. Please value your own will and do your best in your job search.


Sales Department, Sales Division

Ryo Kano    Joined the company in April 2020

• Motivation to Join
I first became interested in our company when I consulted with a professor at my university’s employment office, who recommended the company.
From there, I looked into the harbor transport business. I learned that the company is engaged in work on a much larger scale than I had imagined, such as the transportation of equipment used in power plants. Though everything was unfamiliar to me, I thought it sounded interesting, so I decided to join the company.

• Current Job Details
Centered at the Port of Sasebo, we unload cargo from ships and vehicles, store it, load it, and transport it to delivery destinations. Our company does not only deal with cargo handling operations. The Shipping Division handles customs clearance and shipping agent services, and we cover all aspects of logistics.
The work of the Sales Division includes submitting quotations to customers, holding meetings, preparing materials to be used, and giving instructions to workers on the day of work. After the work is done, reporting and invoicing are the basic tasks.
Of the tasks mentioned above, the most important are arrangements for meetings and the preparation of materials, which determine whether the work will go smoothly.

• Favorite Things and the Appeal of the Company
I think the appeal of our company is that it actively encourages its employees to acquire qualifications.
The company encourages us to obtain at least one certification per year. It has an environment in which employees can grow, and qualifications will expand the range of what on-site workers, in particular, can do. Therefore, I would recommend our company to those who want to be qualified for various tasks.

• Struggles, Fun, and What Makes It All Worthwhile
After being assigned to the Sales Division, I had difficulty communicating, particularly with on-site workers. Many of them were older and had different topics of conversation. I found it quite challenging to give instructions to people with more experience and knowledge than I had.
I know my job has its difficulties, but this is a company where I can feel a sense of accomplishment and a sense of fun, such as being given responsibility early on, meeting people with various experiences, and gaining a lot of knowledge through the work.

• Message to Job Seekers
I am sure that many of you who are job hunting are worried because you are not sure what you want to do. Sometimes, however, you may encounter a job you did not know about and become interested in through unexpected opportunities. It is important for those struggling to get information in various ways, not just through job sites and information sessions.


Sales Division, Sasebo Sales Office

Yuta Uehara    Joined the company in April 2021

• Motivation to Join
I wanted to stay in my hometown of Sasebo and contribute to society, so I consulted with a teacher at my high school’s career planning department. That was the beginning of my interest in the company. Then, I was recommended to work for the company. As I looked into it, I found a job that I did not know about, which sounded interesting, and I decided to join the company.

• Current Job Details
We use cranes to unload pipes and steel plates from steel barges and load them onto trailers and trucks. A balance is used to stack pipes and steel plates, and I must determine the position of the hooks.

• Favorite Things and the Appeal of the Company
There are a lot of things we did not understand in the beginning. However, the senior staff kindly taught me how to do it. When taking a break, I talk with everyone on site, and the atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable to work here.

• Struggles, Fun, and What Makes It All Worthwhile
Sometimes it is hard to know how to move when you are not used to it, but the sense of accomplishment is amazing when you do.


Shipping Division

Keisuke Mori    Joined the company in April 2019

• Motivation to Join
While looking for a job where I could communicate with foreigners, I came across Sasebo Harbor Transport Co., Ltd. I learned that the company offers opportunities to do business with foreign captains and foreign companies. I found the work challenging and rewarding on a large scale while living in my hometown of Sasebo. That was when I decided I wanted to work for this company.

• Current Job Details
In the Shipping Division, where I work, we are engaged in shipping agent and customs clearance businesses.
The shipping agent business involves the preparation of documents and other procedures to ensure the smooth arrival and departure of vessels and the care of crew members. It is sometimes difficult to communicate with customers and crew members in English, but it is very rewarding.
The customs clearance business covers import and export procedures. For example, when purchasing goods from overseas, a tax called customs duty is levied on the goods. The customs house collects the duty, but the documents submitted are complicated, and we have no idea what they are without knowledge.
Therefore, specialists called customs brokers like us can facilitate trade and logistics by performing customs clearance services on behalf of trading companies and shippers.
International trade is an important industry that contributes greatly to a country’s economy. Working in such an industry is a great attraction.

• Favorite Things and the Appeal of the Company
There are many good people in the company. Of course, one of my favorite parts of the job is that it is challenging and rewarding. However, no matter how much I like the job, I think it is a pain to work surrounded by seniors I dislike.
Although the work is sometimes unpleasant, our senior staff members are all friendly and provide excellent support.

• Message to Job Seekers
Thank you for your interest in Sasebo Harbor Transport Co., Ltd.
I believe that your life will change dramatically depending on which company you work for.
If you value satisfaction and human relations, we recommend our company.
During your job search, there will be a lot of anxiety and worry, but it is also an important time for your growth.
I sincerely hope that your efforts will be rewarded.
Thank you for reading to the end.


Matsuura Office

Tomoya Yamano    Joined the company in April 2020

I was interested in jobs that support people’s daily lives and was intrigued when I heard about our company from a high school senior.

When I researched the business activities of the Matsuura Office, where my senior was working, I learned that they were engaged in unloading coal, which is used as fuel for thermal power generation. Then I wanted to be involved in this work that is essential to our daily lives.
At Matsuura Works, our company and two other companies cooperate in unloading coal from ships for fuel used at the Matsuura Thermal Power Station.
As a heavy equipment operator, I assist in loading and unloading coal on board and also inspect and maintain heavy equipment.

In the beginning, I had some trouble operating heavy machinery. However, the senior operators provided one-on-one guidance during the work, and with their advice and support, I have made improvements little by little.

I felt a sense of joy and accomplishment when I succeeded in performing tasks that, at first, I could not do by myself without my seniors’ guidance.
We will continue working together and put safety first.