Our Business

[Sales Department]

Our main business involves using a 22,000 m2 cargo-handling site (public cargo yard) in the Hizukushi-Maehata area as a base for unloading and loading steel materials, coal, a variety of plant materials, and other items. We also cover distribution services such as storage, cargo handling, and shipment, as well as on-location temporary receipt, storage, and shipment (marine and land transportation).
Additionally, we perform various cargo handling jobs even outside of Sasebo Port, and we also contribute to distribution in northern Nagasaki Prefecture

[Shipping Agent Business]
[Customs Clearance Business]

・Shipping Agent Business
We handle the various government procedures for ocean-going and domestic vessels entering Sasebo Port as well as the surrounding area, and make arrangements (pilots, tugboats, wharfs, line handling, etc.) as an agent for ship companies. We also act as proxy for shipowners and carry out port entry procedures for foreign crew members on newly built ships constructed in the shipbuilding yard, as well as customs and delivery of ship articles and more.

・Customs Clearance Business
We place registered customs specialists who act as proxies for cargo owners to conduct customs operations for clearance, including the execution of export/import declarations along with other associated operations.

・Major Clients
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.
NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.
Uyeno Transtech, Ltd.
Asahi Tanker Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Corporation
Hyundai Japan Co., Ltd.

[Matsuura Office]

The Matsuura Thermal Power Plant, a coal-fired power station, is operated by The Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. and Kyushu Electric Power Company. This station has a total generating capacity of 3.7 million kW, supplying electricity to Kyushu, Shikoku, and Chugoku regions.
Our Matsuura Office uses heavy machinery called power shovels to unload large volumes of coal as a fuel for power generation brought by large ocean-going vessels from Australia and Indonesia. The Matsuura Office also makes cargo-unloading plans and provides supervision during unloading operations.

[Oshima Office]

・Steel materials yard and section steel yard
At the steel materials and section steel yards within the Oshima Shipbuilding yard, we use a magnetic overhead crane and a jib crane to perform unloading operations (cargo handling operations) for steel materials that will become the base material for boats constructed by the Oshima Shipbuilding Company and loading operations for materials that are supplied to subcontractors. Additionally, we check and sort steel materials that we’ve received, and we perform a type of surface treatment known as shot blasting.

・Carrier operation
We transport and move manufactured blocks of various sizes (ship parts) from various factories to our worksite on the premises of the Oshima Shipbuilding yard. We have ten carriers in four varieties (800-ton, 550-ton, 150-ton, and 100-ton) to accommodate different block weights, and our vehicles are fully operational on an almost daily basis.

・Arrangement of marine transportation for blocks
We use tugboats and barges to conduct marine transportation for mutual transportation of supplied materials and subcontracted goods between the Oshima Shipbuilding yard and subcontractors. We transport to a wide-range of locations within Sasebo, Matsuura, and Nagasaki.

[List of Company-Owned Equipment]

[Tugboats] Toshin Maru 19-ton tugboat (1,000 hp)
  Toshin Maru No.2 5-ton hot-bulb engine boat (250 hp)
  *We operate numerous vessels through other bareboats


[Barges] Kowan No.5, 4000-ton capacity LWH65.0×24.0×3.00M
  Kowan No.8, 2000-ton capacity LWH40.0×23.0×3.00M
  Kowan No.7, 800-ton capacity LWH36.0×15.0×2.50M
  Kowan No.20, 800-ton capacity LWH35.0×15.0×2.25M
  *We operate numerous vessels through other bareboats


[Cranes] 160-ton hydraulic crane 1 unit
  100-ton hydraulic crane 1 unit
  50-ton mechanical crane 1 unit
  50-ton hydraulic crane 1 unit
  35-ton mechanical crane 1 unit
  25-ton hydraulic crane 1 unit
[Forklifts] 13.5-ton forklift 1 unit
  4.5-ton forklift 1 unit
  4.0-ton forklift 1 unit


[Shovel Loaders/Bobcats]
  HITACHI 2W310 (4.0㎥) 1 unit
  TCM860(2.9㎥) 1 unit
  KAWASAKI 902A(3.3㎥) 1 unit
  Bobcat 1 unit


[Trailers] 27-ton trailer (raised floor) 1 unit
  26-ton trailer (raised floor) 1 unit


[Trucks] 15-ton truck 6 units
  7-ton truck 1 unit
  4-ton truck 1 unit
  3-ton unic 1 unit
  2-ton truck 2 units
  Road sprinkler 1 unit

[List of Certified Professionals] As of may 2022

Crane operators 10
Mobile-crane operators 18
Vehicle-type construction machine operators 37
Welding-related professionals 40
Slinging professionals 71
Forklift operators 49
Class 1 medium vehicle operators 48
Class 1 heavy vehicle operators 16
Heavy special vehicle operators 17
Cargo lifting appliance operators 28
Foremen/safety and health controllers 43
Dangerous oxygen-deficient/hydrogen sulfide operations chiefs 32
Coast cargo handling chiefs 8
Inboard cargo handling operations chiefs 25
Dust professionals 35
Cargo piling operations chiefs 2
Small vehicle-type construction machine operators 15
Shovel loader, etc. operators 5
First-class small boat operator 4
Registered customs specialists 4
Drone Certification Level 3 2

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